About the Author

The author entered a 6-year-accelerated BS/MD program (Bachelor of Science and Medical School degrees) with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Medical College and became a medical doctor at the age of twenty-three.   She originally is from Johnson City, New York where she was the valedictorian of both her junior and senior high school classes.  Additionally, President of the National Honor Society; President of the Key Club; M.V.P. of Track and Tennis; and winner of the first Army R.O.T.C. 10 K at Rensselaer.

Throughout her education, the author was well-rounded and played the piano, tenor sax and sang in her church and school select choirs.  The author was always very highly respected by her teachers and peers.  (The boys even let “The Duke” quarterback their touch football team!)

Upon graduation from Albany Medical College, she was awarded the coveted Dean’s Senior Research Award and the only recipient of the Sandoz Award for Excellence in Ophthalmology.

By the age of thirty, she became a board-certified ophthalmologist and started her solo private practice in Potomac, Maryland, a beautiful suburb of Washington, D.C.  She was granted privileges at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins’ Wilmer Eye Institute and operated on many difficult eye surgeries from cataracts, retinal tears and diabetic retinopathy to LASIK.  In almost fifteen years of solo practice, Dr. Duke never hurt a patient's sight.  Small town girl, first doctor in her family, still, moved to the big city and did just fine… until… preview book

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